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Terms and Conditions

We do not intend for these terms and conditions to be unfriendly or offend our very welcome Holiday Makers in anyway, however we are responsible for valuable assets and it is important to us that Lessor, Lessee and Agent are all on the same page when these assets are entrusted to a third party, we are sure you can appreciate this sentiment.

We also aim to inform you as best we can, as to what you can expect, so that you may prepare sufficiently when visiting our little village. Our only intention is for you to enjoy your holiday.

Zinkwazi beach, the best kept secret in KZN.


IMPORTANT: The Lessee and all members of their party agrees that: By signing this document OR by paying the minimum required part-payment to secure this booking, the lessee acknowledges that he has read all terms and conditions below and the info above, and agrees that the Lessee and all members of their party do agree to abide by these conditions as set out below and above, AND accepts the terms fully, INCLUSIVE of the fact that any dispute will be a legal matter between the Lessor and the Lessee and will only involve Driftwood Estates as far as passing on communication between above mentioned parties.


No credit cards or cheques are accepted.

All booking letters must be completed and returned to the office in order for access to be allowed to any property, failure to comply with this, will result in keys being held back.

Maximum number of occupants allowed on the property at any given time, including children and visitors, as indicated. Should the maximum number of persons stated be exceeded we will evict you immediately. A person is someone no longer in his/her mother’s womb.

e.g. The unit allows: xxx people/property in (xxx bedrooms/house) as advertized.



  1. All of our properties run off satellite dishes.
  2. Where it states that you need to bring your decoder and card you will not be able to watch TV without those items.
  3. We do not rent out decoder and cards, we will not be able to help you if you arrive without them.
  4. NONE of our dishes are PVR or EXPLORE compatible and we suggest, that should you only have PVR/EXPLORE decoders at home, you contact Multichoice a few days prior to arrival and obtain a holiday decoder and card on your account.
  5. You also need to bring your power cables and all connecting cables, none are supplied, when bringing your decoder and card.

The status of the DSTV situation will read as follows on your contact:

“This Property does/does not supply and active DSTV card and Decoder, you need TO/NOT bring either/both items.”


  1. Please take note that most properties require you to bring beach and bath towels, unless stipulated in the description.
  2. DSTV card and decoder: refer to the section re-DSTV above for detailed information.
  3. Toiletries: Items like toilet paper and bath soap, shampoo etc. are not supplied, not even as starter pack. This is self-catering accommodation and you need to bring these items.
  4. All cleaning agents like dish washing liquid, black bags, Handy Andy, washing powder, stay soft, dish washer tablets etc. Items like buckets, mops,
  5. All beach gear i.e. beach chairs/cooler boxes/umbrellas etc.
  6. Forgotten items can be bought locally from the convenience store in the village, one can also order a starter pack to be delivered prior to arrival, speak to Steve or Michelle on: 032-485 3464.


  1. Properties listed with permanent staff on site: we levy and additional charge per day for the maid, this is not negotiable.
  2. Permanent staff will NOT do any washing or ironing of clothes, only bed linen once a week. Their responsibility is to maintain the house.
  3. You have to supply, permanent or rented staff, with all cleaning agents in order for them to do their jobs. Mops, buckets, brooms, irons and ironing boards are supplied.
  4. If the property is not serviced you can rent a maid from the cleaning agents in the village.
    • Alet Nel: 083 375 6686 or
    • Tracy Potgieter: 084 4466 813 or
    • You need to book early as they operate on first come/first serve plans.
    • These ladies operate separately from Driftwood Estates and have their own charges, YOU need to book with them directly. e. Sundays and public holidays are charged at double rates.
  5. If you rent a property WITHOUT A PERMANENT MAID, a departure cleaning fee will be levied by Driftwood Estates, regardless of whether you rent staff or spring clean yourself. The departure cleaning fee ranges between R400 and R700 depending on the size of the property and is compulsory.
  6. Larger houses incur a larger departure cleaning fee.
  7. The clean will be invoiced as part of total cost and show with the breakdown on page 1.
  8. There are one or 2 very large properties which do have maids, but still have a departure clean levied.
  9. Should we find the house in a poor state with stained linen and there is any additional cleaning required because of the condition of the house, we will levy additional cleaning charges.
  10. The Holiday House/Flat and contents you are renting will have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival. Additional charges levied other than the accommodation fee:


  1. Admin fee once off.
  2. Departure cleaning fee as above, if required.
  3. Breakage deposit of 10% of the value of the accommodation charge, with a minimum of R1000, refundable if there are no breakages. Refer points discussed relevant to inventories.


  1. Your damages deposits are refundable in total, if no breakages are found.
  2. Refunds will occur within 30 days of departure, not on departure and provided no breakages are incurred and provided that repair and/or replacement can be made within 30days.
  3. All refunds will be made via EFT, even if you paid cash.
  4. Please note: it is your responsibility to supply me with your banking details before you leave.
  5. Damages retentions not claimed within three months of booking will be forfeited.


  1. The inventory will have been checked prior to the arrival date.
  2. Any damages must be reported to Driftwood Estates immediately, or as it happens during your stay, failing which the inventory will be assumed to be correct.
  3. All breakages, shortages or damages are for the lessee’s account.
  4. Please note: Reporting a breakage 2 or 3 days into your stay, will result in it being for your account, e.g. “oh by the way there is a cigarette burn on this couch, it was here when we arrived”, 3 days into your stay, you will be billed. Any breakages as a result of an accident by yourself or your party must be reported to Driftwood.
  5. As many people seem to have breakfast on our inventories or give it to their kids to draw on, you need to request a copy of the inventory prior to arrival via email.
  6. We check inventories after your departure, and the house has been cleaned, we cannot do a thorough check with people in the house and the house upside down after your holiday.
  7. We do not check inventories on departure with anyone, we are far too busy for this.


  1. Any part payments made up to 50% is not refundable should the booking be cancelled for any reason by the lessee.
  2. Should refunds be negotiated, it will be the owner’s decision and at their discretion, and not that of Driftwood Estates.
  3. Rentals are due for the period booked and NO REFUND will be allowed should the departure occur at an earlier date for any reason whatsoever, again any refunds will be the owners decision.


Driftwood Estates reserves the right to substitute similar accommodation should the unit or house booked not be available for any reason whatsoever. Should Driftwood Estates not have alternative accommodation, which they deem similar available, a full refund will be made.


  1. Bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of the full part payment as indicated above and receipt of the completed booking contract.
  2. Part payment will NOT BE LESS THAN 50% OF THE RENTAL plus the ADMIN FEE.
  3. Balance of rental is due one week prior to arrival, proof of payment to be supplied to Driftwood Estates via email.
  4. No credit cards or cheques are accepted.
  5. Payments must be either cash or an EFT.
  6. Note: Cash payments larger than R15 000.00 will not be accepted.
  7. When making an EFT payment, you need to supply your POP to our office.
  8. No bank charges on foreign deposits or cash deposits will be carried by Driftwood Estates, these costs will be deducted from your breakage deposit.


  1. Please note should you leave items behind when you depart, Driftwood Estates will not be held liable for anything we find or keep for you.
  2. Items not collected within 1 month will be discarded.



  1. Is collected on Mondays and Thursdays, from the pavement in front of the property you are occupying, except at Ocean reef.
  2. Place your refuse in black bags well sealed on the pavement by 7:30am.
  3. Between collections days, keep your refuse in an area where monkeys and dogs cannot reach it.
  4. Do not put refuse on the pavement any other days as it will be ripped to pieces by monkeys and dogs/cats and strewn all over the village and YOU will have to gather it again, not a great experience.
  5. Ocean reef has a refuse area on site. Refuse is not removed from outside your door, please find this area in the far right hand corner when facing the road and ensure your refuse is placed inside a bin.
  6. Refuse is collected on public holidays also, so remember to place outside.


Power in the village is supplied by Eskom, who are, as you know a law unto themselves. When they have a problem, we will do everything possible to assist you, but we are also at their mercy, not Driftwood, nor will the owner accept liability for Eskom’s service delivery or lack thereof, and/or losses suffer due to their lack of service. Should you have electricity problems you can call Eskom on 0860 037 566 with the box number outside your rental property, also to check on load shedding schedules.


Water supply to the village is controlled by the ILembe District municipality.

It is important that you understand how our water supply fits together.

  1. We have our own boreholes in the village, which makes us mostly self-sufficient and gives us enough water to use.
  2. We have 6 large reservoirs at the entrance to the village behind the Ridge development.
  3. Water is pumped 24/7 from the boreholes at the very bottom of the village to the reservoirs at the very top of the village where it is stored for use.
  4. If there is a pipe break/leak the water runs out of these storage facilities fast unless the problem is noticed and resolved fast.
  5. Fortunately the Water authorities have in 2015 replaced our entire reticulation system and breaks/leaks should be minimal if any.
  6. HOWEVER: if you see a break or a leak on the road side of the meter please sms the street name and number to the following number: 082 378 3546 with the words “water leak” or “meter leak” immediately.
  7. The village has also had prepaid water meters installed.
  8. If you notice a break/leak on the property side of the meter, please reported it to me immediately as it means your water is running out and will leave you stranded without.
  9. As mentioned, our boreholes supply make us mostly self-sustaining, however depending on how many owners and holiday makers are in the village, the boreholes might become strained, if this happens we normally supplement water from Darnall.
  10. As you all know the entire SA is in the grip of a terrible drought, so Darnall might not always have water to give us: We ask that you use the water we have very carefully and save where possible, DO NOT WASH CARS/BOATS OR FILL POOLS, short showers and no bathing if you can.
  11. Should we run short of water because of wastage the Water authorities will institute water restrictions which will make things uncomfortable for us all.
  12. I reiterate….WE HAVE ENOUGH WATER, provided it is used with care.
  13. When there is a major leak/problem which drains the reservoirs, they have to be refilled to a point where the pumps can operate again. It does take time to repair the leak/problem and refill the reservoirs. An outage normally lasts 2 to 3 hours, however we have has periods of up to 36 hours without water once or twice during the very busy season. SO SAVE WATER AND REPORT PROBLEMS, just as you would do at home.
  14. I have lived in the village for 14 years and have always drunk the water, however as it is borehole water it has a very poor taste and can sometimes appear brown, the municipality treats this as best they can, and according to governing laws, but whilst safe to drink, you might not like the taste.
  15. I also advise that you add a cup of Vanish liquid to any and every wash load to avoid possible stains.

As the water supply is not something Driftwood Estates nor the Owner has any control over, neither will accept liability for damage to any items or discomfort suffered, nor will refunds be made should the authorities run in to serious problems.


The village has no water born sewerage, each home has a soak away and septic tank. If you put anything other than your own by products and toilet paper down the toilet, your septic tank will block, and push back and you will have a very smelly holiday!!

Additional to this, if the tanks are opened and items other than what should be in there found, the repair/replacement will be for your bill.

Whilst we manage these systems as best we can, we do have unexpected problems caused by anything from flash floods, drought or other occurrences.

Please bear with us when there is a problem, we will repair it as fast as possible.


Please consider your neighbours when making excessive noise. Also note we are not the police and will not be available to shush your neighbours.

Please also note that Driftwood Estates cannot control the noise levels of any one in a public domain or of your neighbors. Should you feel that the noise is invading your life please contact our local police station who are very good at sending out a car to “shut-people- up” Their number is: 032 – 5518200 or 10111.

Driftwood Estates will in no way be held accountable/responsible and cannot guarantee that neighbours or people in the area will behave in a reasonable or quiet manner. There is nothing we can do about them. If you are renting a property close to “Black Rock” park be forewarned that there is often loud activity there over weekends and during holidays and again there is nothing we can do about it. This fact is also noted on the affected properties web page.

Please also note: it is against the by-laws to let of fireworks in Zinkwazi beach. There is normally (not definitely) a big fireworks show at the ski-boat club on New Year’s Eve and you can get more details regarding this from the beach manager or at the ski-boat club. New Year’s celebrations:

New Year’s Day: As those of you know who have been anywhere on the KZN coast before or has watch TV in the last 30 years relative to New Year, on the 1st of Jan of any year, the beaches are FLOODED with taxis and busses bearing revelers.

Please note if you are in Nkwazi drive or anywhere near the beach entrances the noise is very loud and the volume of people can be perceived as frightening. We have had very little aggression or violence during this period, revelers are mostly loud and festive. We suggest that unless you are going to spend your day around your pool (and you do not mind the noise), you should go somewhere for the day, a game reserve is always a great option. The secret is to leave early and return late, after 11 pm. By 8:30 am one cannot drive in Nkwazi drive any more, hence the “leave early”.

DO NOT try to engage with the revelers in an aggressive manner, they will do no harm unless provoked.

The New Year’s influx happens on every beach along the coast of Natal and is normally well controlled by our local traffic and police departments, our very pro-active Neighborhood Watch Committee pays for additional guards to patrol the streets on this day, as well as most nights during the December holidays.

Please note: on the 1st of January you will not be able to drive in Nkwazi drive at all, so make sure you have your walking shoes handy if you are going to brave the beach. A good plan is to use the beach access/entrance at the end of Magai drive, off Shelly drive, as there you will find the minimum people, but as there is no parking down there, walking is the only option if you are in Nkwazi drive.

Depending on how the New Year weekend fall, the party could continue on the following days until people go back to work on the following Monday. The crowds are significant less on days following the 1st of January, but still noisy. As you can imagine crowds make a terrible mess and the local municipality and villagers make a concerted effort to clean up on the 2nd, but it does require patience.

Please note there is nothing Zinkwazi Properties or any of the owners can do about this. SA beaches are public domain and “the public” therefore have the right to the beach and access to the village.


Check in time is 2:00pm and check out time is 10:00am strictly.

Driftwood Estates acts as an agent on behalf of the owner of the property you have rented and takes all instruction from the owner with regards to their property. Should any discord arise, it will be the owner’s decision as to what action is to be taken and Driftwood Estates will not be held liable for the owner’s decisions by yourself or anyone in your party.

Under no circumstances are any items belonging to the property to be removed from the property during your stay.

No students or matrix allowed.

No Pets of any description allowed.

No slaughtering of live animals on any property is allowed. (Yes it has happened)

Under no circumstances do we allow any social event to happen on any of our properties without written consent. This includes: birthday parties, bachelor parties, wedding reception or any other functions. If you exceed the amount of people allowed you will be charged for every extra person and legal action will be taken.

Please note we do not allow students or groups who are not related, without written consent, we cater for family holidays only.

Security of the rental property:

The owners of the property require you to set the alarm and take every possible precaution to secure the property, even if there is nobody at home, and during the day. If there is a maid/caretaker on the property you may leave them alone at home, while you go to the beach, but when they leave, YOU must ensure you return on time to set the alarm and ensure the property is secured by means offered.

Should an incident occur due to your negligence, you will be held liable. This also pertains to night time, when you have gone to bed, alarms and beams where supplied must be set and all doors and windows locked and secured.

For the purpose of securing the owners property, we require the tenant to carry their own travel insurance. Should the owner incur a loss due to the tenants negligence through theft or any other event, the tenant will be able to claim and refund the owner.

The onus is on you to enquire as to the specifications/workings of the house and staff you are renting in terms of security, surroundings and general requirements. As mentioned before we have a very active Neighbourhood watch and we have an Alpha guard at the entrance to the Village to slow traffic so we can record entry and exits on camera.

You will ALWAYS be stopped, please treat the guard with respect. Suspicions persons entering are reported to the ALPHA armed response car and checked up on and sometimes ask in a VERY FRIENDLY MANNER to leave the village.

Return of keys or lost keys:

1. Please note it is your responsibility to return all keys handed to you on arrival, and ensure keys kept in the house are all accounted for.

2. Keys and gate/alarm/garage remotes which are damaged will be replaced at your expense and an additional R150 service charge will be levied over and above the cost of replacement, for the time consuming task created.

3. Keys are to be returned in person, unless otherwise arranged, to Driftwood Estates, no later than 10am, unless otherwise arranged.

4. Should keys be returned late without prior arrangement, you will be charged for an extra night.

Directions and maps and key collection: 

1. Please call or email 2/3 days prior to arrival if you need to arrange for key collections, I will then give you directions and arrangements for your key collections.

2. Please note my office hours below, should you not arrange for key collection and arrive outside of office hours, you will be left stranded.

3. Please note keys will NOT be handed over until full payment has been received and reflect in my account. On-site caretakers will only open gates on my instruction. Therefore if you are arriving late, no keys will be left for you unless you have ensured that I have received your payment or have proof of it during office hours, 1 week prior to arrival as agreed. Consider the fact that I have a family to take care of.

4. On acknowledging you part-payment to secure your booking you will be sent a map of the north coast, this map is also available on my website.

5. Directions to Zinkwazi is also listed on my website.

6. IMPORTANT: OFFICE HOURS. a. Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 4.00 pm b. Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only made well in advance. (Refer cell no 0823783546) c.

AFTER HOURS ARRIVAL: Tenants must advise Driftwood Estates well in advance if they will be arriving after office hours. Failure to notify the office of a late arrival will result in the tenants not being able to collect keys.

Please do not hesitate to call/email should you require any additional information on ANY MATTER related to your holiday.


The lessor and/or the servants or Employees of the Agents and/or lessor shall not be liable to the Lessee for any injury or loss or damage of any description which the Lessee and/or any member of the Lessee’s family, or any employee or servant or any relative, friend, acquaintance, visitor, invitee or guest of the Lessee may sustain, physically or to their property directly, in or about the Leased Premises or in any part or building in which the Leased Premises are situated by reason of any defect in the Leased Premises, or any appliances whatsoever in the building in which the leased premises are situated, or for any act done or any neglect on the part of the Lessor or any of the Lessor’s employee’s servants or Agents. The Lessor’s or the Agent’s representatives and servants accept no responsibility or liability of whatsoever nature in respect of the receipt or the non-receipt and delivery or non-delivery of goods, postal matter or other correspondence. Should there be a swimming pool on the leased premises, the Lessor, Lessor’s employee’s servants or Agents accept no responsibility for any loss or damages incurred as a result of use of the swimming pool.

Builders and building activities:

The north coast is experiencing a boom in building and construction. We cannot guarantee that your neighbour will not have a sudden urge to revamp or rebuild his house/property. Whilst we can tell you the current status of the neighbours/surroundings we cannot predict the future and will not be held accountable for building disturbances of any kind, nor will we approach or police builders in the area and their noise levels.

The onus is on you to enquire as to the specifications of the house you are renting in terms of security, surroundings and general requirements.

DRIFTWOOD ESTATES undertakes to answer your questions truthfully as to what we know or have knowledge of at the point of enquiry.